Thursday, 7 May 2015

English Fest 2015

               Last 30 April was the English Fest. The eight-graders performed speeches and we, seven-graders performed declamation pieces. I got the 'Glass of Cold Water' declamation piece and the second batch. This year's English Fest's theme was 'The Youth Of Today'. This theme was about the teenagers now and the past, including the habits.

               The first batch performed at 10.00 a.m. Some of my friends and the eight graders were there. The performed well, some were outstanding there. But some almost forgot their pieces. The primary students were there to watch us. The first batch's performances were watched by the sixth-graders.

               At last, the first batch was over. That time, it's the second batch's turn to performed. The fifth-graders had the turn to watch us perform. When I got the turn to perform my piece., I was nervous, because it's the first time I had activities like this. By 2.45 p.m, the English fest was over. Next year, I hope everyone can do better, as well as the new seven-graders.

-Andromeda (Audrey L)

Wednesday, 6 May 2015

English Speech Fest 2015


Last week, on 30th April, Junior High Students had an annual event, English Speech Fest 2015. The Speech Fest ran smoothly and each student performed well. The students were divided into 2 batch, in the morning and afternoon. Grade 8 students talked about the Youth Of Today and they wore formal costumes. Grade 7 students performed different stories and poems, and they also practiced acting and self-confidence. 

Grade 5 and Grade 6 students watched our performance. They gave each performance a score and comments. Each of us was given a big applause. I told the story of a poor child that lost his parents and its tragic memories. I tried to act nicely and dramaticly. It’s my first time to join this great event, and I hoped I got good scores. 

- Gabriel (Adzra)

CSW @ Bali 2015

               Last 21 April, we had our CSW. That time, our CSW was held in Bali. We arrived at the airport around 4.00 - 5.15 a.m. One of my friend arrived last, but she wasn't late, she made it on time. We boarded out plane at 6.00 a.m. and arrived at Bali at 8.30 a.m. (WIT). Some activities in Bali brought back many memories.

               After arriving at Bali, we had our breakfast at the airport's Burger King. After everybody had breakfast, we went to Tanah Lot. Even thought I ever went there, it's still fun because this time, it's with my friends. I learned many things from the CSW activities like farming, rafting and more. It's very fun,

My favorite activities are rafting, cycling, paintings, fishing and farming. Because of the fun activities, extraordinary moments and funny moments, I had the best week in my life. Event thought we only stay at Bali for 4 days and 4 nights, it's still the most memorable moment in my life.

               It's raining cats and dogs when we went to Tirta Empul and so, we must wait until the rain went down a little, We borrowed some umbrellas and went inside the temple. It's lucky we had sunny weather when we went rafting, cycling and farming. I hope I can return to Bali soon and went to these places again.

-Andromeda (Audrey L)

Fantastic Bali Trip

Last month, on 21 to 25 April, we had a school trip to Bali. We visited some famous places, restaurants with delicious foods and we spent almost all the time together. We departed from Jakarta on 6.00 and arrived in Bali at 8.30. Then, we went to Tanah Lot and took a lot of pictures. At Tanah Lot, the view was very fascinating. I really like to look the waves and its blue sea.

The second day was my favourite, because we have rafting and trip to Laka Leke Restaurant. The rafting area was very fun and we really enjoyed when the big splash of water hit us. We were really incredibly wet and we didn’t forget to took pictures of its amazing view. We painted the egg and kite at Laka Leke. We also practiced the Kecak Dance with MISB students. The performance of the Kecak Dance was wonderful. 

On the third day, we went fishing and farming. We were taught to farm indigenously and we also had a fishing competition. We have a lot of experiences on this day. Then, we went to Tirta Empul to see the Pura, sacred places and pond. Last, we visited the GWK. There, we watched the Kecak Dance in the theater, we took pictures in front of the GWK statue. We also had our dinner there. 

It’s almost the day to go home.. on the fourth day, we went to Bali Bird Park and Cycling. We should be careful when we rode the bike aroung the rice field. We stopped by to Luwak Coffee Shop and Tradititional Bali House. Some of us bought the expensive Luwak Coffee. We continued our trip to rest by tasting each variants of coffee. There were some accidents during the Biking. We visited Bali Bird Park. We saw a lotof beautiful-feathered birds and they’re unique. Last, we went to Sanur Beach. Before going to Sanur Beach, we went to Balerung to study about the conventional dance and music. 

It’s the last day in Bali. On the fifth day, we have packed out baggages and belongings. We went to Krishna to buy oleh-oleh for our families in Jakarta. The time that we have together ran too fast. I felt so sad leaving Bali. We went back to Jakarta at around 11.30 p.m. Bye Bali! 

-         - Gabriel (Adzra)