Wednesday, 12 November 2014

My Bucket List (Miku's)

My possible to do the impossible bucket list

Hello I am 12 now and before I turn 17 I would love to do all these things below, like I said above it’s possible to do the impossible so here it is : paintball
2.go to Japan or America chanel no.5
4.create a novel
5.go to Ferrari Land
6.swim with dolphins
7.go to the fanciest restaurant in the world
8.highlight my hair
9.make an album
10.go to Beverly Hills
11. win a trophy
12.get an autograph from my favorite artist
These are the things I want to do before I turn 17, so what is your “possible to do the impossible Bucket List”?

My Bucket List-Andromeda's

My name is Audrey Levina from Grade 7 Mentari School. I’m 12 now and I would like to share my bucket list. Bucket list are the lists of things that we want to reach before we died. This is my Bucket List.
  1.     Visit South Korea
  2.     Can speak Korean and French language
  3.     Meet famous K-pop stars and Korean actors/actress
  4.     Visit my cousin, Grace in Philadelphia, America        
  5.     Reach Master Junior in music lesson
  6.     University in other country                                                   
  7.     Travel famous places in the world                                            
  8.     Become a good pianist
  9.     Live in other country ( either South Korea, Australia or New zealand )
  10. Visit Semarang every year
  11. Play paintball
  12. Can go to Running Man fan meeting
  13. Never caught Ebola

And that’s my Bucket List. Thank you for reading my bucket list.

My Bucket List (Gabriel's)

As a 12 year-old teen, I’ve got many challenges and hopes. I have fulfilled some of my hopes in my young age. My wishes are connected to my favourite countries, things, foods, ambitions, outfits, meeting my favourite artists and singers, etc.

·        to go to Amsterdam because of its green & natural  environment
·        to build a school and a hospital
·        to own a Persian cat
·        to build an orphanage and a grand  mosque
·        to eat pizza thrice a week
·        to build a slide in the stairs of my  house
·        I can celebrate my birthday party with  Ariana Grande
·        I can buy a ton of Chanel bags and  shoes
·        to decorate my room with tumblr          
·        I can get ten thousand followers in  my instagram
·        to dye my hair with ombre colour
·        to be a tall girl when I am 14
·        to go to Mecca and stay there forever
·        to buy 100 glasses of chatime  milk tea
·        to take a selfie with all of the  famous people in the world

 Some of these wishes are not really important for me. I prefer best of my wishes to myself and my family. I hope all of these wishes will come true.

Thursday, 6 November 2014

Insights of " The Boy In Striped Pajamas " (Gabriel's)

Yesterday, we watched the movie of “ The Boy In Striped Pajamas “. The movie told about the history of “Adolf Hitler”. The characters act and speak based on the reality of history. The most interesting part was when Bruno wanted to help Shmuel find his father. But they died with the prisoners because the soldier threw out the poisonous gas.

I hate the soldiers and the Father most. The beginning of the movie was fine, but the ending made us surprised, shocked and sad. The movie told us to respect and sympathize with the Jews and other religions. The movie did’nt tell us the complete story in the book.

I rated 5 stars for “ The Boy In Striped Pajamas “. I felt so miserable and amazed after the movie. I recommend to watch the movie than the book.