Thursday, 5 March 2015

Mentari Book Review Show 2015

“ Mentari book review show 2015 “
On 27th February, the Junior High students held their book review show. Grade 8 started their show at 7.45. The ESL students began first. The hosts were Grecia and Reynaldi. They discussed about ‘The Holes’ novel. Some of the junior high students performed their talents. They took turns while the new segment started singing, playing keyboard, dancing, and playing violin gave the performers big applause and cheers.

Grade 8 EFL students proceeded the show by talking about another novel that they’ve read. Vianca and Bastian became the hosts and they did it very well. They spoke English fluently and answered sensibly that made me, “Whoa!”. They were really talented for entertainment.

I wore tosca dress, while Phoebe didn’t. It annoyed me very much, as another girls hosts wore graceful dress. I started biting my nails signifying I was nervous because it was my first time to be a host. I sat on a white chair in front of the audience, grade 6, grade 7 and grade 8 students. I imagined I sat there staring at their eyes like a clown. I tried to keep calm and tried to enjoy the show.

The Grade 7 EFL students discussed about “ The Boy In The Striped Pajamas “ novel. All EFL students became the interviewers. I asked them questions while my body started trembling. I didn’t know why should I do that because I’m not shivering as the show place was really hot.

I got many knowledge and experiences to perform as a host properly and confidently. I wished Vincent wanted to be Phoebe’s partner next year. It should be a boy and a girl. So.. it’s a memorable day for us, even though I’m not in really good mood. 

- Gabriel (Adzra) 

CNY Celebration

“ Fantastic CNY Celebration “

Last month, the school held the Chinese New Year on 19th February. We spent the time in school, practice dancing for the performance and watching Barongsai. Some of the girls wore beautiful Cheongsam, and some didn’t. They looked elegant, while the boys didn’t.

Mr Josh really appreciated for girls who wore Cheongsam. Some of the students gave Mr Josh traditional chinese foods and snacks. Grade 7 students waited their turn to perform in the class. Some of my friends seemed really bored, because there’s nothing to do in the class. Only walking around, giggling, chitchatting and playing.

We were surprised because of the loud sound from Barongsai, going up to the auditorium. We went out from the class and watching them performing near the stairs. After they entertained us, some of my friends gave them angpao. I thought they will got a million rupiah as many students greeted them excitedly and gave them angpao.

At 12.30, the junior high students went to the auditorium for practice our special dancing performance until more than three times. So tiring and boring, as we watched another class performing.

It’s the show time! Grade 7 performed quite good with the weird dancing. I felt really nervous and shy, as the girls wore makeup. I stood in front of the stage. Lao Shi Erni taught us how to dance. Even though the performance was boring, the show went smooth.

The junior high students went home based on the regular schedule. After the school, the school had holidays for 2 days.

- Gabriel (Adzra)