Thursday, 15 January 2015

The Cay

A Glimpse Of The Novel, “The Cay”

Phillip Enright lives on a narrow, small green house in Willemstad, on the island of Curacao, the largest of the Dutch islands just off the coast of Venezuela.
He is 11 years old when he and his mother will go to Norfolk to escape from the dangers of war created by the Nazis, leaving his father behind.

2 days after leaving Panama, the ship he is on is bombed and when he wakes up after the accident he finds himself in a cay with a black grayish cat that is named Stew cat who is the cook’s cat also a black man named Timothy. 

Phillip is so frightened that he can hardly breath. All around him is shark-infested waters of the Caribbean. He is shipwrecked with a big old black man who had worked on the ship. How will this adventure turn out for Phillip? Innocence vs. wisdom, black vs. white, growing up and surviving, a totally amazing story that will blow your mind, “The Cay”. 

Andromeda: An easy reading novel with a survival story in a little island.
Miku : An inspiring story of how not to judge a book by its cover or a man and his skin color.
Gabriel: A must-read novel and recommended for all teens and adults. 

Friday, 9 January 2015

My Plans for 2015 (Gabriel's)

“ My Plans for 2015 “

Welcome 2015, Goodbye 2014! 2014 has so many unforgettable memories. I’ve passed many challenges and learned many new things. 2015 is a new year to be a better person. In this new year, I don’t have too much plans and hopes. 

My plans are :
-         To study harder to get better scores
-         To grow tall
-         Do exercise oftenly
-         To be more diligent, healthier and smarter
-         To speak English fluently and study Mandarin a lot 

(Gabriel – Adzra Aurellya)

Holiday Concert 2014 (Gabriel's)

“ Playing with the Music ”

 On 11th December 2014, the Junior High School students held their Holiday Concert in the Auditorium. There were many singing groups from Grade 7 and Grade 8. Each of the group sang different songs. My group, consists of Angie, Kishella, Audrey L, Sulie, Natania, Fayola and me. My group brought the “ Thousand Years “ song. 

The guests sat in front of us. While we performed the music, the guests ate their lunch. They clapped their hands after each of the group perform. They also took pictures and recorded videos of us. 

Our group felt very excited after the show. Our group did the best for our first concert. We were very glad that day! Grade 7 students also prepared the class party on that day. 

(Gabriel – Adzra Aurellya)

Thursday, 8 January 2015

Hello 2015 ! (Miku's)

Hello 2015 !

I’m very happy that it’s new years !
A lot of things, new things are in store for us  this year !
There maybe happy ones, sad ones and scary ones.
But ! Like Forest Gump said “Life is like a box of chocolates, you’ll never know what you’re gonna get.”
But we can improve and try our best to avoid the bad things in store for us .
Here are some :
*I will behave more
*I will learn more
*I will be the best student I can be
*I will get higher scores
*I will save more
These are the things I would improve on…. How about you ?
What would you improve on ?
Like Benjamin Franklin said “Wise men don’t need advice and fools won’t take it.”
So please take this advice: do what you have to do to improve yourself.

Welcome 2015!

We’re starting 2015 with new spirits, make some new things and some new good situations.
This is my list of things that I must accomplished in 2015
 Ø Good score for school projects and tests,
 Ø Going to South Korea,
 Ø Pass the test of Korean and French language in the lesson (rank up),
 Ø Safe trip to Bali,
 Ø Master badminton.
 Ø Hace a complete series of ‘Heroes Of Olympia’ novel.

These are the things that I must accomplish these year before the end of 2015!

Last Concert in 2014

The second last day before the holiday, 11 December 2014. It was the christmas concert where th students sung and played some instruments. Many parents came, the primary students watched us, a little café in the audotarium that day. Many students who performed were nervous that day.

The students who performed were 23 students from grade 7 and some students from grade 8. There were 2 Mcs, each from junior high. They were holding a paper, which was the arrangment of the concert. My group performed second. It was a heart-beating moment when we performed.

After the first session, the student who performed in the first session must serve and help the primary students and some parents who came to watch us. It was a good day. The other groups’ performance were fascinating. The concert ended at the afternoon. It was a little nervous when we performed, but we were relieved when the perforamance ended.


Our Jazzy Concert

Our Jazzy Concert !!!!

Jinggle bells, jingle bells, jingle bell rock !
That was what it was like in our Chrismas concert last year,
Like a rock…. Really hardcore !
We performed on stage, ate and had big fun !
The school held it in December 11 2014 in the auditorium.

We performed like entertainers in a café,
The guests would eat,
Some students would sell the food and some will perform live….
I hope we would have another holiday concert like that the next year in 2015 !

It was a very exciting, fun and fantastic day for me and I still can’t wait for the 2015 holiday concert !
I wonder what it would be like ????