Friday, 29 January 2016

Firework Safety Leaflet [Miku's]

Miku's [Phoebe]

My New Year Vacation

            Right after the school’s party, it was a 3-week vacation for all of us, and we’re all excited because Christmas and New Year was near. All of us had different plans for vacations; some people went to another country, city or stayed at home with their family for the rest of the vacation.

            I spent the early days of the vacation listening to Korean pop songs, watching k-pop music videos or watching their dance practices. On the 20th of December, I went to the church for a practice since I will have a duty on the 25th.

            Some days passed, and it was Christmas and I woke up at 5 A.M since my duty was at 6 a.m. and we had to arrive at the church exactly 30 minutes before it began, and luckily, I made it on time.

            After an hour, we went back home and started to pack some clothes that we would bring to Bali. I spent the remaining days before our Bali trip by playing games, like Minecraft and the web game, Pokeheroes and by watching Korean pop music videos.
     On the 29th of December, we went to Bali at exactly 11 A.M. and arrived there at 2 p.m. since it was 1 hour ahead there. We went to our hotel in Nusa Dua since there was a total traffic jam in Kuta. 

            After dropping off our things in the hotel and pickig up my father’s friend and his family, we went straight to a restaurant since it was late afternoon. After spending the day with them, we went back to our hotel. Since there’s nothing to do, I just drew some mascots, read some news and fan fictions. After doing all of those, I slept.

            We spent the second day with my father’s friend’s family and with my aunt. At night, my cousins arrived in Bali, including my cousin, Kevin, who I have never met ever since.

            The third day, we went to spend the morning on the beach. While my father went to the shore for a walk, I, my sister and my cousins played on the beach. It was fun until I got splashed with a lot of ocean water when we head back to Turtle Island. On the 31st, I spent some hours checking fan fictions and checking polls before the clock struck 12 A.M.

            The 4th day was New Year, and we went to Kuta. The only problem was that we were stuck in a quite long traffic jam. While my family had been having fun on the beach, I and my older cousin went to a market to buy some souvenirs for my friends.
            In the afternoon, we went to Jimbaran beach for the second time, and we found some newly-hatched baby clams at the beach; we decide to leave them. That night, we saw the fireworks, lightening the skies. It was beautiful.

            On the 5th day, January 2, we went back to Jakarta. I was excited because school will start in 4 days, and I was bored spending my days in my room. Holidays may be exciting, but going to school also brings me the same. Seeing my friends and spending half of the day with my friends and classmates can be exciting, too! Now that I’m back to school, I’ll study harder and accomplish my 2016 resolutions!

-Andromeda (Audrey L.)

Firework Safety


                                                         By Gabriel (Adzra) 

Wednesday, 6 January 2016

Second Week Activities (first semester 2015)

Last week, we started having tests which is also called diagnostic quiz that came to us suddenly. The test (called as “EFL Starter Pack”) has more than 100 questions. I didn’t finish the last part because the time was over and I answered each number too carefully.

Mr Michael also scheduled our quiz on Tuesday. There were only 4 numbers in the quiz, but we had to answer ALL questions in paragraph. The questions involved the novel, Kite Runner, and I thought we were only given 30 minutes for doing the whole quiz.

Also, we keep discussing about the book each day starting the first week. Mr Michael has created a monogram (is it correct?) for us, called the ‘Word For The Day’. Each student will take turn to explain his/her new words and sometimes the words given are epic. Each student will be taking turns to be the presenter. I am the 7th person who will give a new word next week. 

- Adzra (Gabriel)