Tuesday, 27 October 2015

First weeks in Grade 8

At the end of July 2015, we went back to school for our 8th year and instead of going to the new building, we stayed in our old building for a week for SC members selection, divide students for the new factions and battle of the factions for the first time.

The first day went well. Meeting old friends after the holiday, See new teachers that are willing to introduce themselves to us and new students came. It started with Pak Hari and Ms. Vilma introducing themselves to the new students and welcoming us to the new year. Then, the teachers introduce themselves for us, and dividing us to some factions.

The next day, the battle of factions began. I got the Amity Faction, and so we must choose our representatives in the faction. Then, we began our first activity, which was the cheering. We went bad at first, but we managed to change it in the showdown.We had a huge rivalry with the others but we managed to change back the situation afterwards.

In other words, my first week went quite well. The problem was the new students of grade 7 were quite rude and one of my friend in grade 9 went to another school. The good things were meeting my friends again, the teachers being so nice and a lot of others things. Until now, it still went well, not too bad but no too good. So that's my first week in grade 8 and I'll be forward to see the 2nd semester.

-Andromeda (Audrey L)

The first weeks of being a Grade 8 student went well. I mostly spent my time with my faction, as there was no classes on the first five days of school. I belonged to the Dauntless Faction, and there were only 3 Grade 8 students. I practise my communication and social skills on these days with the students of Grade 9 and Grade 7.

On the first day, I met a lot of new faces. New students and new teachers are anywhere to be seen. Grade 8 did not have any new students, so we're evenly 25. We got a new homeroom teacher named Mr Michael and he taugh English and Catholic. The teachers introduced themselves and gave some little speech on every occation we had on each day.

On the next few days, we had battles between factions, starting from Cheering Competition, Indonesian and Mandarin Knowledge Competition, Look-a-like Competition, Sport Games, etc. We won some games and our scores are near to our opposition's score. We struggled on each competition, even though communication in our group is quite hard, as most of the students are new.

On the third until the fourth day, I was dedicated to be the Secretary Representative of my faction. I was very awkward to describe my speech and answer the questions, but it was all an experience for me. I lose the election, because somebody reminds me I didn't have so much friends, so yeah...

In summary, the first weeks of being a Grade 8 students are quite nice. The lessons I got from these days are, socialize more, participate more and be creative in a group. I actually do love group works, but if the students aren't cooperative enough, so yeah.. there could be World War III (just kidding, I'm not that emotional though). So that's my good first weeks of being a Grade 8 student.

- Gabriel (Adzra)