Wednesday, 24 December 2014

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Hello! We are the three miracles and we want to wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! But that's not all. Here are the wishes from Miku, Gabriel and last but not least Andromeda!

Konichiwa! I am Phoebe ( Miku ) and for wish you all the love in the next year. I also hope you will also stay true to the spirit of Christmas and never give up on hope! That may sound a little dramatic but after reading It I was like, I know this is kinda cheesy but at list it's not queesy! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Guys! =)

Hola! I am Adzra ( Gabriel ) and I wish all the luck, wisdom and fortune in this new year! I hope my life will be better and everything's goes right. Start the new year with spirit and love! And never stop dreaming. Happy New Year!

Annyeonghaseyo! I am Audrey L. ( Andromeda ) and I wish you all a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Leave your sadness in the previous year and your happiness in the New Year! For students, study harder in the next year and set a new spirit! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

This is our last message in 2014. See you next year!

Adios, Annyeonghi Gaseyo, Au revoir.

Wednesday, 12 November 2014

My Bucket List (Miku's)

My possible to do the impossible bucket list

Hello I am 12 now and before I turn 17 I would love to do all these things below, like I said above it’s possible to do the impossible so here it is : paintball
2.go to Japan or America chanel no.5
4.create a novel
5.go to Ferrari Land
6.swim with dolphins
7.go to the fanciest restaurant in the world
8.highlight my hair
9.make an album
10.go to Beverly Hills
11. win a trophy
12.get an autograph from my favorite artist
These are the things I want to do before I turn 17, so what is your “possible to do the impossible Bucket List”?

My Bucket List-Andromeda's

My name is Audrey Levina from Grade 7 Mentari School. I’m 12 now and I would like to share my bucket list. Bucket list are the lists of things that we want to reach before we died. This is my Bucket List.
  1.     Visit South Korea
  2.     Can speak Korean and French language
  3.     Meet famous K-pop stars and Korean actors/actress
  4.     Visit my cousin, Grace in Philadelphia, America        
  5.     Reach Master Junior in music lesson
  6.     University in other country                                                   
  7.     Travel famous places in the world                                            
  8.     Become a good pianist
  9.     Live in other country ( either South Korea, Australia or New zealand )
  10. Visit Semarang every year
  11. Play paintball
  12. Can go to Running Man fan meeting
  13. Never caught Ebola

And that’s my Bucket List. Thank you for reading my bucket list.

My Bucket List (Gabriel's)

As a 12 year-old teen, I’ve got many challenges and hopes. I have fulfilled some of my hopes in my young age. My wishes are connected to my favourite countries, things, foods, ambitions, outfits, meeting my favourite artists and singers, etc.

·        to go to Amsterdam because of its green & natural  environment
·        to build a school and a hospital
·        to own a Persian cat
·        to build an orphanage and a grand  mosque
·        to eat pizza thrice a week
·        to build a slide in the stairs of my  house
·        I can celebrate my birthday party with  Ariana Grande
·        I can buy a ton of Chanel bags and  shoes
·        to decorate my room with tumblr          
·        I can get ten thousand followers in  my instagram
·        to dye my hair with ombre colour
·        to be a tall girl when I am 14
·        to go to Mecca and stay there forever
·        to buy 100 glasses of chatime  milk tea
·        to take a selfie with all of the  famous people in the world

 Some of these wishes are not really important for me. I prefer best of my wishes to myself and my family. I hope all of these wishes will come true.

Thursday, 6 November 2014

Insights of " The Boy In Striped Pajamas " (Gabriel's)

Yesterday, we watched the movie of “ The Boy In Striped Pajamas “. The movie told about the history of “Adolf Hitler”. The characters act and speak based on the reality of history. The most interesting part was when Bruno wanted to help Shmuel find his father. But they died with the prisoners because the soldier threw out the poisonous gas.

I hate the soldiers and the Father most. The beginning of the movie was fine, but the ending made us surprised, shocked and sad. The movie told us to respect and sympathize with the Jews and other religions. The movie did’nt tell us the complete story in the book.

I rated 5 stars for “ The Boy In Striped Pajamas “. I felt so miserable and amazed after the movie. I recommend to watch the movie than the book. 

Thursday, 30 October 2014

Letter to President of IOC

30 October 2014

Nice to know you, President! I’d like to say thank you so much for inviting me to the next Olympic Games. This was my first time to get this surprising invitation! I am Adzra, a 7th grader student from Indonesia. I love to read everything about Olympic Games and I’m addicted in sports.

Everytime I watched my TV, I always waiting for Olympic Games and try to remember the names of the athletes. Men and women are competing to get the medal award. They are very energetic, strong and spirit. I support all of the athletes especially athlete for swimming and cycling.

I prefer summer sports than winter sports. Summer is my favorite season. Summer is when people can relax and sunburning in the beach. Summer sports usually have many events.

I knew the Olympic Games from the Greece Myth. Heracles, and his father Zeus was the creators of the Games. Heracles, Zeus’ eldest son defeated his brothers in a running race and was crowned a wreath of wild olive branches.

Olympic Games are linked to the original Ancient Greek games of 2500 years ago. Olympic Games were first held in Athens in 1896. Olympic Games brought an opportunity to bring peace to the perpetually warning city-states of the Greek World.

I wish to attend this spectacular Olympic Games. I’d like to go there with my family. I will not forget this winner invitation. 


Adzra Aurellya 

Dear President of the IOC,

I am amazed of your work in managing each host a country for the olympic games that I decided to write to you a letter of how I wold love to see your work. Please let me have a free trip to see your amazing work, I would really be greatful for it, thank you and I hope I would see you in the next olympic game.

Yours truly,

Phoebe (Miku)

                                                                               30 October 2014

Dear President of IOC,

I would like to win a free trip to the next Olympic games. I've watched 2 Olympic games : the Beijing Olympics and London Olympics. I was interested in Olympic games now. I want to see how the Olympic starts and ends in my own eyes. I would love to see how the athletes compete each other and how they respect others in the games.

 I would like to see when the torches where manufactured and when the flame was extinguish, also I want to see how the Olympic games start in the first day, and end after 7 days. I’ve interested in Olympic games since I watch the Olympic games in the television when the games were held in Beijing, China.

That’s all from my letter, thank you for your attention.
                                                                      Your Sincerely,

                                                                                Audrey L

Thursday, 23 October 2014

My first day of being Junior high- Andromeda

Hi, my name is Audrey Levina and I will tell my first day of being junior high student.

The first day of junior high, I felt nervous of making new friends. I went to the car after having my breakfast. When I arrived at Mentari, I saw new teachers. I was finding my class, because I didn't know where was my classroom. At last, after exploring the school, I found the classroom. There were 24 students in the class.

Our homeroom teacher was Mr. Josh. But there were some subjects that I never learn yet. Many subjects were hard, including Combined Science and Humanities. My favorite subjects were Art and Music. There were many homework and projects that we must work. I never got any homework in my old school.

Now, I can follow the subjects. I had many friends and I was happy to move to a new school. I can follow the subjects, even thought that I still had difficulties in some subjects. So now, I was a junior high student in Mentari School.

Andromeda ( Audrey L )

Monday, 20 October 2014

The Miracles Of Love. (Gabriel's)

Long time ago, a cute baby boy was born in a huge castle. The baby was named Michael. The Queen was surprised to see her baby, because Michael had a shiny face and a red dot in his cheek. A fairy told the Queen, Michael was going to be a strong, handsome and tough man.

Five years later, Michael grew up into a diligent and a bookworm child. He loves reading books about war, animals and giants. He was a kind child too, he loves helping his poor friends.

A few years later..

One night, Michael asked his mom, “ Mom, tomorrow I’m getting 8, what will be my present? “. Mom answered, “ You’ll get a precious present tomorrow. Can you guess what is it? “

“ Is it a gold, a horse or what? “ Michael got so confused.

“ Do you want a baby girl? You need a friend to play, “ Mom said. Michael nodded with a big smile.

In the evening, the Queen checked her pregnancy. The fairy checked her tummy, and nothing inside. The fairy told the Queen that she can’t have a baby anymore. The Queen cried and suddenly she fainted. It’s okay, she only needs a nap. Someday there will be a miracle, “ said the fairy in hope.

Michael felt so desperate when he knew his mom was barren. Michael decide to go to the garden to relieve his sadness. He imagined that the baby girl was crying in the bird’s nest. “ God, can I receive your gift? I cannot bear my loneliness anymore. Thanks for hearing me, God. “ Michael hoped and prayed.

The next morning, the castle’s guard surprised them. They found a baby in a basket and there was an envelope inside. The envelope inscribed,

“ Hey, this is your present! Happy Birthday Michael! What do you think about this baby girl Michael? Is she cute and pretty? Can you give her a beautiful name? I created this baby with calmness, smart, hopeful and happiness. She loves exploring and she is a careless girl. “

“ Whoa, this was an anonymous letter! “ Michael said. “ I want to give her name Emellie!”

Ten years later, Emellie grew up to a gorgeous girl. She loves everything inside the castle. She also loves going to the forest, to see the birds that sang beautifully.
One afternoon, she met a hideous green giant. She followed the giant and forgot the way back home. The giant asked Emellie to stay with him. Michael was finding for Emellie that night. He decided to go around the forest next morning. Michael rode a horse, followed by the guards. Michael shouted for Emellie.

Three hours later, Michael found a huge, wide house. Michael can’t called that is a house, because it looks like it has destroyed.

Michael knocked the door and Emellie came out.

“ Emellie?! Why don’t you go home last night? Are you okay? Why do you stay here? “ Michael was shocked. “ It’s a long journey. I’ll tell you later, “ Emellie said calmly. The giant accepted Emellie to go home.

“ Thanks Giant, for caring and giving me food. Now it’s the time to go, bye Giant. “ Emellie said with full of sadness.


Thursday, 16 October 2014

My first weeks of being junior high student. (Gabriel's)

For my first post, I would like to tell you about my first weeks of being new student. Being new student is a new experience to all of us. If you like to socialize with your classmates and G8 students, day by day, it will be fun with them. You'll know well about them, and start to chitchat about everything. 

My new junior high school started last 7th July. On 7th July, my parents followed orientation day. On 10th July, I went to my new school and began to be nervous. 
There are 24 students in my class. They introduced themselves one by one. The class seemed very quiet on the first day.

Day by day, the teachers gave us some new books. The learning process in my class was so fun and not boring. The teachers love to give us a ton of homeworks. The class was so noisy when there are no teachers inside. They love to laugh, walk, and run around the class.

I like all of the facilities at my school, especially my class and the library. The library is full of knowledge. There are English and Indonesian books, based by levels. On 21st July, the last day before school, the school distributed the sembako to the poor families.

I love my new class and my school. I really enjoyed the first weeks of being junior high student.  I wish my class added some new furnitures, like sofas and a cupboard full of books. 

- Gabriel (Adzra Aurellya) 

Wednesday, 15 October 2014

My First Week Of Junior High (Miku's)

Hello, my name is Phoebe i am 12 years old  i was born on 31st  May 2002 and this is my first
week of being junior high, it was fun actually, i met new friends, teachers and new surroundings, i also had a different schedule from my old school and that's still a process i'm working on,

this was my first day of junior high...

- Miku - Phoebe