Monday, 15 February 2016

Enchanting CNY Celebration in SMGS
By Adzra Aurellya 

WEST JAKARTA – A blasting Chinese New Year celebration was held on Sekolah Mentari Grand Surya. The events happened on 4th until 5th of February. The school decorations were very charming and attractive. Red Lampions, Angpaos and wishes for the new year were spread everywhere, and they were very iconic.

Lao Shi Erline, as a Mandarin teacher in the school, was very thankful for success the Mandarin Spelling Bee on the 2nd of February. “ There will be performances from the students from Grade 6 until Grade 9. Fan Dance, Wushu, Band performance, Singing, Drama, playing Angklung and Sign Language will entertain our guests. So far to this day, the students had already done their practice. “, she said.

Students performed really well and was a pleasure. The hosts for the event were Gaby, Aviana, Jennifer, Sulie, Vincent, Reyner, Evan, Fransisco and Edo. They spoke Mandarin and the other translated into English. Parents took photos and shot videos of their child’s performance. It was very joyful that day said one of the students.

On the next day, Barongsai came to the school around 10.00 a.m. in the morning. They went to the school banging sounds of music instruments which enliven the day. Some students gave them Angpao as a sign of appreciation for the performance. The Barongsai Performers also lit the firecracker and it was a blast. They acted based on the legend of the Chinese New Year. The students continued their regular classes after the performance. 

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