Friday, 19 February 2016

Descriptive Writing

It all starts with a black-and-yellow petite caterpillar. He is a cute herbivore, so he crawls and eats the green leaves everyday. He lives alone and labours his life by himself. He may be poisonous, but he know he will change to a beautiful insect one day. He waits by the day, and disappears between the leaves at night. He looks very inviting when the Sun rises in the morning. He notices some birds are flying in the sky to find some food. He, then, camouflages himself between the leaves, so the birds won’t know. He is very smart and powerful. God sees his struggle, and plans to transform his body when he becomes an adult.

After some weeks, he turns into a big caterpillar. He hides in a desolate place where nobody can see him. He hangs himself up and something wraps him. It’s the pupa! Inside the pupa, he moves a lot through the process. After some time, he attempts to crack the pupa, so he can move freely. He opens the pupa by his new sturdy feet. He finds a hard time to go out from the pupa, but then he succeeds to fly in the sky. Now, he became a pretty living creature. He can explore the world with his beautiful wings. But still, he should be more tough and optimist for his new life as a butterfly.      

- Gabriel (Adzra)                   

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